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Doyle Rood, DC
5577 Skylane Blvd, #6a
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 United States
Successful Resolution of Golf Injury in Lumbar Area
A male patient, 60 years, came for treatment at the end of July 2010. He suffered from a golf injury in his lower back. His pain level had been identified between 6 and 7 (out of 10). He was diagnosed with a limited range of motion. Based on a left Kemp test a pain in the DL junction (Lombar area T12-SI) was reported.

Dr. Rood prescribed a combined treatment built of chiropractic adjustments, mechanical massage, and Bromalaine for a total of two weeks (one a week).

The patient showed good response. Upon finishing the program the pain level was down to slight (2-3 out of 10). It disappeared in the following weeks. His range of motion improved greatly. The patient plays golf again and is very pleased with the results.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment only
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan (contact for insurance verification)
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