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Doyle Rood, DC
5577 Skylane Blvd, #6a
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 United States
Successful Resolution of TMJ and Severe Headaches
A female patient, 39 years old, came for treatment in December 2010. She suffered from TMJ (clicking, popping, pain level 7-8/10) and severe headaches. Dental treatments would flair it up.

Dr. Rood applied a combined treatment (6 sessions; once a week for the first three weeks and twice a month for the remaining three sessions) composed of trigger point therapy (to cure TMJ) and chiropractic adjustments of the neck (to resolve pain in the neck). He also prescribed Bromelaine (pineapple enzyme to support resolution of disc inflammations).

The results have been great. Upon completion of the program the issues were completely resolved. The positive outcome has been sustained ever since. The patient is thrilled. No preventative treatment has been used so far.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment only
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan (contact for insurance verification)
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