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Celeste Mattia, DC
Mattia Chiropractic
ELKINS PARK, PA 19027 United States
Successful Treatment of Hyper Extension of Tibia
A female patient, age 66, suffered from hyper extension of the left tibia. The pain level had been critical (10 out of 10) and constant. A limit on the range of motion had also been identified. She incurred pain all the time when walking the stairs (up and down). The patient came for treatment in March 2010.

Dr. Mattia prescribed a treatment focused on the left patella tendon and the Bellow knee capsule. It comprised chiropractic work, supplements (glucosamine sulfate, apple cider vinegar, multi-vitamins) as well as herbal remedies (patches). The treatment lasted for a total of two months.

It yielded remarkable results. The patient testified pain relief within twelve hours after the first treatment. She was able to sleep the first time in days. The patient returned to full range of motion. Walking the stairs was no problem anymore. She is back to her normal activities and has been very happy with the outcome ever since.
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