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Celeste Mattia, DC
Mattia Chiropractic
ELKINS PARK, PA 19027 United States
Successful Treatment of Low Lumber Pain and Spasm
A male patient, age 48, had come for treatment of an old injury in May 2011. He suffered from a low lumber pain and spasm, and had constant and severe pain (10 out of 10). His range of motion had been limited. The patient could not stand straight and was restricted in his functionality.

Dr. Mattia applied a combined treatment program for three months. It was composed of herbal remedies (patches), chiropractic adjustments focused on the left side of the spine (L3/L4), and supplements (e.g. fish oil, multi-vitamins for men).

The results have been remarkable. After the first session (chiropractic adjustment and first patch) the patient had been enabled to stand straight. The pain level and spasm had been notably reduced. Upon completing the treatment program the pain had been completely eliminated. The patient was back to a full range of motion. He practices his regular activities and has no symptoms left. The patient is very happy with the results of the treatment.
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