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Celeste Mattia, DC
Mattia Chiropractic
ELKINS PARK, PA 19027 United States
Successful Herbal Treatment of Rib Fracture
A male patient, age 60, had come for treatment in 2007. He had been diagnosed with two broken ribs. He suffered from constant and severe pain (10 out of 10). His range of motion had been totally limited. In addition, he had trouble breathing and, therefore, was limited in his functionality. Bending turned out to be another issue for the patient. Normal sleep was impossible.

Dr. Mattia applied a treatment program composed of herbal remedies (patches) and supplements (fish oil, apple cider vinegar, multi-vitamins, B complex, Saw Palmento, COQ10, Glucosamine, Alkadophus).

The results have been positive. The broken ribs completely healed. After the first patch the patient was able to sleep again (reduction of pain within hours). He had very little complaint left but completed the total treatment with six patches to facilitate the healing process. The patient is able to bend again and take a deep breath. He went back to his normal daily activities. Though not being too positive about the treatment with herbal patches at the beginning the patient decided to use them to avoid pain killers. After the success with the first patch his appreciation for herbal patches had been greatly enhanced.
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