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Daniel Falk, DC & Kristi Falk , Health Coach
The Wellness Council of South Carolina
(843) 248-0104
1442 Corbett Drive
Conway, SC 29526 United States
Symptom Improvement in 4 days of Patient with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Hypertension
A 73 y.o. female patient suffered from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (mild-moderate), Pulmonary Hypertension (mild-moderate) and Heart Disease. Her chief complaint was fatigue, cough, and breathing issues: she had crackling, wheezing, and squeaking sounds when she was breathing. She also had sleep difficulties due to Chronic Bronchitis symptoms- she experienced chest pain and coughing that lasted for 5-6 weeks in January, 2016. Dr. Falk gave her the lung treatment protocol from Wei Laboratories including Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer. Soup A helps repair lung damage and restore lung structure and function, Soup B removes nodules and stasis in the lungs and thyroid gland, and LC Balancer helps enhance systemic micro-circulation to enhance nutrient absorption and delivery. The patient received the herbal formulas on June 3rd and started taking them on June 4th. At the same time, she also followed the regimen prescribed by her Pulmonologist: Nebulizer - Brovana (2 times/day); Prednisone 20mg - 1 per day) and Montelukast Sodium Tablets (10mg - 1 per day). She took other medications as prescribed by her MD at the same time also.
Her treatment progress tracker is shown below (she came up with the smiley face scale system to describe how she felt). Within 4 days of the treatment, the patient experienced great symptom relief! Her physical energy went from definitely not good to good, the fatigue, slight back pain and gastrointestinal symptoms resolved, her lung cracking was reduced and her breathing got significantly better.

After the first month of treatment, the patient wrote: I am pleased to report that my test results showed improvement based on a CT Scan (Carolina Forest Imaging Center on July 1, 2016) and a Lung Function Test (Conducted in the office of my pulmonologist on July 8, 2016). As a result, my pulmonologist is reducing my current prescription for Prednisone from 20 mg once a day to 5 mg once a day on a declining schedule (15 mg for 10 days; 10 mg for 10 days; and 5 mg until changed by this specialist).
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