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Daniel Falk, DC & Kristi Falk , Health Coach
The Wellness Council of South Carolina
(843) 248-0104
1442 Corbett Drive
Conway, SC 29526 United States
Successful Reversal of Heart Failure for a Pulmonary Hypertension Patient
A 73 y.o. female patient was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Disease. She was prescribed Laterras for Pulmonary Hypertension, which caused her to have severe ankle and feet swelling, and her heart condition progressed to heart failure. Because of the ankle and feet swelling, her shoes got so stretched out that they were no longer wearable. Her result of a heart function test-BNP Blood Test was significantly higher than normal, at 268 (normal range 0-100), which indicated worsening of heart failure. She felt very depressed about this. She was given Bumetanide and Spironolactone to address the heart conditions. After taking the medications for one month, her BNP blood test result was 248, slightly improved compared with before (268), yet her ankle and feet swelling was not decreased. Based on her conditions, Dr. Falk recommended the cardiovascular disease treatment protocol from Wei Laboratories (Wei Lab) to the patient, including Myogen, CV Formula, B2 and Qi Booster. Myogen helps improve blood flow to the heart muscle and clear inflammation, infection and toxic metabolic wastes accumulated in the heart and pericardium. CV Formula helps remove plaque from arteries and repair artery damage. B2 helps improve lymphatic system function to improve toxin removal, and Qi Booster helps enhance blood circulation and boost immune function. After the first week of using the Wei Lab protocol, she already experienced significant symptom improvement, the swelling was substantially reduced, her energy level was improved, and she was able to breathe better. After continuing the treatment for a month, she did the BNP Blood Test again and the result was 83-reduced to normal range! She was so happy and amazed by the herbal treatment from Wei Lab, and is continuing the treatment with further success!
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