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Ron Farotto, DC, LAC
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Treating the cause, not the Symptoms

The Mission since 1988

Treating the cause of dysfunction rather than the symptoms allows me the ability to customize a protocol to get you out of pain quickly and to improve your performance to stay healthy. Approaching your conditions as to why they occurred is the first step in developing a plan of action to repair the problem and to minimize symptoms until the real issue is addressed. It can be as simple as the way you sleep, sit, and stand at home or work. It may be because you never stretch, or always take a nap on the couch, etc. Daily habits cause physical, muscle, and nerve stress to our bodies. When we sleep those issues should be resolved. If you wake up stiff, then your body is telling you that you are not in balance. Reoccurring stiffness or pain will lead to further adaption of the body such as inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, weight gain, or both physical and chemical imbalance. Long-term effects will continue to allow the development of illness to occur.

The next goal is to teach exercise and improve nutrition to allow healing of your condition to occur and to then teach you how to keep the problem from reoccurring. I have also discovered that using homeopathic formulas and Chinese herbal medicine can accelerate healing of our bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons to recover faster and to improve our bodies biochemistry for the future. Using blood work to compare your current lab values against functional nutrition parameters we can get a better handle on how your biochemistry is functioning. Then combining nutrition and Chinese herbal formulas to help the structure and reoccurring sickness to stabilize and/or heal more effectively. This way we can fix your situation, or at least improve your quality of life.

By integrating Eastern Medicine philosophy into my office protocol we can begin to regenerate our body structure and tissues to be as healthy as possible. We should not have to suffer from the effects of aging, injury or sickness relying solely on Western Medicine protocol.

Wellness Medicine Approach The Farotto Method

My Focus: Together you and I, one-on-one, work to get results wherever that path leads us. The Journey begins when you are ready.

We begin by working together to customize a wellness protocol to promote better joints, muscle function, and improved body movement. In addition, our body replaces its cells every 3 months, so by improving your nutrition we can then improve your body chemistry as well. This, combined with exercise and alternative heath care treatment protocols, can achieve better performance to our skeleton: joints, muscles and nerve function to create more flexibility and vitality to be healthy for life. Having better health will allow us to play with our love ones, hike, travel and perform better at sports. Using the Farotto Method, we can focus on long-term health. If need be, we can integrate all other disciplines into your health care team such as other professions to make sure you are staying healthy for years to come - no matter what your age. Health is a choice. Will you make a goal to be healthier and have better performance in sport or at work, or will you choose to just take it as it comes? I like to teach you about having options in your health care. Such as taking vitamins or antioxidants, and eating well rather than allow degeneration or sickness to occur. Having many options discussed from a Wellness Health model allows results in both a crisis situation and long-term proactive health care.

Physician in Greek means teacher.

My focus is to teach you all I know, so together, you and I can make the best decisions about your health both now and into the future.
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