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Ron Farotto, DC, LAC
(314) 351-4273
5820 South Grand Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63111 United States
Improvement of Mold Driven Chronic Respiratory Issue using Natural Methods
A 22-year-old male presented in October 2016 with recurrent lung and sinus infection looking for a second opinion. Initial lab work and blood work highlighted some food sensitivity issues. He started on a diet change to avoid those food groups which seemed to improve his symptomology. He was working out of state in early 2017 and came back the 2nd of March 2018 with acute respiratory distress and difficulty taking a full deep breath. He was adjusted for a rib impingement and mid back spasm, which improved the breathing. However, he still had a history of recurrent lung and sinus issues with yellow to green phlegm and chronic congestion with a diagnosis of Asthma from his Pulmonologist.

In early March 2018, the patient was put on LC Balancer, Probiosis and Luna to address the food sensitivity and IBS-like issues he had been experiencing. Clearlung was added to clear out the gram-positive bacteria and inflammation in his lungs with yellow sputum. On March 21st, 2018 the patient was placed on CL-2 and CL-3 to further address the respiratory infection caused by gram-negative bacteria and fungus. It had been discovered that the patient had been living in a house with known mold exposure. The patient developed a breathing exacerbation and could not catch his breath. Dr. Farotto sent him to the emergency room for acute distress. He was recommended to start antibiotics and was prescribed steroid inhalers and nebulizer treatments 2x a day on March 28 2018. Dr. Farotto decided to increase from 1/3 dose to half dose of CL-2 and CL-3 while awaiting another consultation with his Pulmonologist.

The patient used the inhaler daily with the half dosage of CL-2 and CL-3. His pulse ox was measured at 82% on April 3rd and sputum was changing from yellow to a dark green/brown color. He never filled the prescription for the antibiotics and continued on just the CL-2 and CL-3. As of May 7th, the his pulse ox was up to 96% and is no longer having any sputum production. Friends have commented that he appears more energetic and engaged. He was able to enjoy his wedding and honeymoon with less respiratory issues and his overall health has improved.

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