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Roopa Chari, MD
(760) 230-2711
4401 Manchester Ave Suite 201
Encinitas, CA 92024 United States
Are you searching for a holistic medical doctor who spends quality time with you and offers natural, safe solutions to help you lose weight, have more energy, heal gut issues, balance your hormones and treat your medical conditions?

Dr. Roopa Chari, M.D. is a holistic integrative medical doctor in Internal medicine. She treats the physical and emotional root causes of your symptoms and medical conditions. Dr. Chari also helps you to avoid medication whenever possible, safely decrease the dose of your medication(s)and safely get off of your medications by using a combination of scientifically proven advanced natural remedies, nutritional counseling, advanced mind/body techniques, ancient wisdom with Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and modern non-invasive health & wellness technologies. She spends quality time with you, addressing your unique concerns in a caring and supportive environment.

Dr. Roopa Chari, M.D. is a medical doctor in Internal Medicine. She successfully combines her unique training, experience and expertise in integrative holistic medicine along with her traditional medical background to provide the best quality healthcare for her patients.

She also customize effective personalized programs for you based on your unique biochemistry, constitution and genetics.
Dr. Chari sees patients in her Encinitas, office, and also regularly conducts phone and video call consultations with patients throughout California.

Dr. Chari received her medical degree from the Medical College of Ohio and completed her internship and residency at NorthShore University HealthSystem affiliated with the University of Chicago.
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