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Successful Resolution of Whole Body Edema
Roopa Chari, MD, Encinitas, CA


A female patient in her 20s presented to Dr. Chari with whole body edema after reintroducing food into her body. She had a history of anorexia. When the patient presented to Dr. Chari, she was experiencing all body edema, decreased appetite, irregular eating habits, and loss of her period. After a comprehensive health exam with Dr. Chari the patient started treatment with Wei products at the end of August 2018. Dr. Chari started her on a low dose of Java and Xcel to help with the water retention.

At the beginning of September, she added in the products Brown, Sona, and Breez, all at low dose. At the beginning of October, the patient was doing fabulous! She had decreased edema, weight loss, and her mood improved all to the point at which friends and family were noticing a positive difference. At follow up in mid-October she reported the herbs were making her feel gassy, with belching, flatus, and halitosis. Her stress level had increased after returning to school. Overall her energy levels were better, her hunger had decreased, and she had spotting for the first time since August 2017. At the time she stopped Sona and Breez. She continued on Java, Brown, Xcel, and added in Formula B at low dose to help with her bloating.
At the beginning of November, the patient had been off Sona and Breez now for 1 week and her swelling remained stable. Her eating schedule was more consistent, her bloating has decreased and improved, her energy levels were the same, she was urinating frequently, stress was down and two exams went well, she spotted for three days in October. Despite these improvements she was not sleeping well and her halitosis was still present. She continued on Java, Brown, and Xcel at low dose.

At the end of November her swelling started to creep back in and Dr. Chari increased her Java dose to 2 capsules bid. Symptom update: she had her period for three days (last period was August 2017), energy was a 6/10, she was falling asleep easily and not waking in the middle of the night, preparing meals at home, bloating has decreased 50%, vaginal odor was gone, and the swelling resolved for the most part. Patient continued to have a bitter taste in her mouth, small acne on her chest/back, halitosis decreased by 10%, and her libido remained low. At this time Dr. Chari added in Qi Booster to address the halitosis and bitter taste in her mouth.

Update on 1/11/19 - her swelling throughout her body was gone and remained gone! Her energy was the same, she was eating more, she is no longer seeing her counselor, her last period was 4 weeks ago with PMS symptoms and she had her periods two months in a row for the first time, bitter taste in her mouth went down, bloating is about the same, bad breath hadn't been of comment the past two weeks, vaginal smell has resolved. She had been off product for two weeks now. At this time, we are going to work to target her hormones and low libido, but her whole body edema has resolved.
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