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Case Studies
Beth John, Chiropractic, Nutritionist, Energetics
Safa Center for Healing
341 Conklin St
Farmindale, NY 11735 United States
Dr. John had experienced severe health challenges that threatened her life. Mainstream medical doctors were unable to diagnose the problem or offer much help. As a result Dr. John was left to find her own answers or lose her life. As a result Dr. John developed a method now called Safa that restored her own life and has since helped many others with their maladies. Dr. John then founded a school where others could learn this technique as well or receive Safa sessions. Information on this method can be found at

Dr. John also developed a solution to completely resolve yeast and candida infections in both men and women. There is a patent pending for this solution at the time of this writing. This solution has been described as miraculous by many people with long standing infections. Please call 516-249-2310 for more information.

Dr. John is a licensed chiropractor and has had a holistic health center on Long Island, NY for 19 years. She offers a variety of services there including chiropractic care, nutritional consult, herbal consult, Safa, Cayce remedies, and other energetic and holistic approaches to health.
Business Hours: Monday through Friday by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: By arrangement