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Beth John, Chiropractic, Nutritionist, Energetics
Safa Center for Healing
341 Conklin St
Farmindale, NY 11735 United States
Yeast/Candida-Infection Completely Resolved
A 45 year old female presented with a severe yeast infection that had been plaguing her for over 15 years. Her husband was in the pharmaceutical industry so she had access to every drug and tried them all with little or no result. This infection would get worse every time she menstruated and having sex would leave her with pain for three days. She came to me as a last stop.

I recommended the yeast solution I had developed. She started using it and was amazed that after three days was feeling much better. She continued to use it and had unprotected sex on the 4th day. She had no reaction whatsoever.

After 10 days she reported no signs of a yeast infection and was completely symptom free. I encouraged her to continue to use the product for another two weeks to make sure all of the organisms were killed. She did as instructed and for the first time in 15 years was free of any yeast infection. She had no problem when she got her menstrual cycle and sex was now pain free and reaction free.

This woman remained yeast free for over 2 years. She then called me saying she had been to France, had drank a lot of wine, eaten a lot of cheese, and had a lot of sex. I explained I could not prevent her from getting another infection especially when one is living with such excesses but we could easily resolve this infection just like the last one.

She took the program again and had the same remarkable results and was yeast free in less than 10 days.

This patient was ecstatic!

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