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Gordon Tees, LAc
Eastern Tides Acupuncture
30 Duke St. #4
Turo,  NS  B292A1 Canada
Dr. Gordon Tees graduated from the international college of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Victoria British Colombia Canada as a doctor of TCM in 1995. Dr. Tees has over 15 years of clinical experience treating various health concerns utilizing all modalities that are a part of TCM. His first 6 years were spent in Whistler, British Colombia where he gained a lot of experience in treating sport related industries. Being a sport recreational town, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering and hiking, injuries were a common occurrence.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an old and constantly evolving form of healthcare. It can be utilized to treat a wide range of health concerns, work and sport related injuries, including broken bones, and can be used to treat mental health issues, including addictions. Over the years, Dr. Tees has treated a wide variety of ailments from the common cold to work in those that have cancer to minimize their side effects from conventional cancer treatments. Many also use TCM as a way of maintaining their health to lessen the chance of becoming sick.

There are a number of modalities that a practitioner of TCM uses to facilitate treatment in the healing process. The most common and recognized by many is Acupuncture. Other important modalities within TCM are the use of TCM herbal formulas and diet modifications. One, two, or all three of these can be utilized. Acupuncture is very flexible and can be used in conjunction with other modalities of treatment such as massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic therapy. Acupuncture and diet modification is also an important complimentary tool to address health concerns with those who are taking western prescription drugs. Being able to treat an ailment without a patient having to take more prescription drugs than they are already doing lessens the chances of developing any side effects from said drugs which might impede their healing.
Business Hours: Tuesday, 2 pm to 6 pm. Friday 9 am to 6pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: 1st visit, Consultation, and Acupuncture Treatment = $90; Return Acupuncture Treatment = $75; Herbal formulas or other products = Vary in price.