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Gordon Tees, LAc
Eastern Tides Acupuncture
30 Duke St. #4
Turo,  NS  B292A1 Canada
Successful Treatment for Knee Injury, Torn ACL of the Left Knee
A female patient, 25 years of age and member of the Canadian alpine ski team had fallen while skiing. She had sustained a partial ACL tear to her left knee. Two years prior to this injury, she had sustained an injury to the same knee and since then could only ski by wearing a brace for support as her knee had, as she stated, always felt weak and she could not fully trust it. Surgery to repair the tear was scheduled in 6 weeks time. She wanted to know if there was anything that could be done from a TCM perspective. Dr. Tees informed her that there were both pre and post surgery treatment options available.

Upon examination of her knee, it was extremely swollen. There appeared to be mild inflammation, point tenderness and pain around the patella, and bruising above the knee. Because of the swelling, there was also restricted movement. Treatment protocol was to be 2 acupuncture treatments per week up until her surgery. A TCM herbal formula was also to be taken but to be stopped 2 weeks before surgery. After surgery, acupuncture treatments would be once a week for 2 months and back on an herbal formula. The focus of treatment here is to improve blood and chi circulation to reduce the swelling and bruising, drain heat to reduce inflammation, and strengthen the knees ligaments and tendons.

After the first week the inflammation was gone. Swelling reduced and bruising began to disappear. By the end of the second week, swelling and bruising was gone. No more point tenderness or pain upon palpitation. She has also regained movement and mobility with the knee in question but was still wearing a brace for support.

After surgery, the acupuncture and herbal formulas were continued. Upon returning to her surgeon for a follow up. He stated that considering the nature of the injury and the surgery required to repair it, he had never seen a knee heal so fast and so well with no complications. 6 months after the surgery, she visited Dr. Tees and informed him that since her former injury 2 years priors which forced her to start wearing a brace for support, not only did her left knee feel the strongest ever, but also her right knee felt better too. She felt so confident with her knees, that she is now able to ski without using a brace.
Bussiness Hours: Tuesday, 2 pm to 6 pm. Friday 9 am to 6pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: 1st visit, Consultation, and Acupuncture Treatment = $90; Return Acupuncture Treatment = $75; Herbal formulas or other products = Vary in price.
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