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Reverse Knee Degeneration and Resolving Osteoarthritis
Knee Osteoarthritis, the most common type of osteoarthritis, is a chronic degeneration of the articular cartilage around a joint. The bones of the knees joint (the backside of the kneecap, bottom of thighbone, and top of shinbone) are coated with smooth articular cartilage. When knee osteoarthritis develops, the cartilage undergoes gradual changes - loosing elasticity, hardening, and cracking, becoming more easily damaged and eroded by use or injury.

The bones can't move smoothly over roughened cartilage, causing irritation to the bone. The end of the bones involved may thicken and bone spurs may form. Small bits of cartilage may break off and float around inside the knee. Over half of knee osteoarthritis sufferers also have mineral deposits in their cartilage. The joint fluid also changes in consistency, becoming thinner and less tacky, decreasing its lubricating and cushioning properties. Learn More
Many healthcare professionals have found that Knee Degeneration can be reversed and Osteoarthritis condition can be resolved with sustained results. With their innovative treatment approaches, they have helped patients to resolve their Knee Degeneration and Osteoarthritis condition effectively in 1-3 months.
The healthcare professionals listed here have published their case studies. You can contact them for help or contact us for doctors near you.
List of healthcare professionals who have published clinical studies and provide treatment for Knee Degeneration/Osteoarthritis:
United States
Karen Willfahrt, ND, RN, BSN Phoenix, 85020
Resolved case of Tendonitis of the Left Knee
Ela Corcoran, Homeopathic Practitioner Anaheim Hills, 92807
Successful Treatment of Severe Osteoarthritis
Frances Kalfus, LAc Berkeley, 94709
Successful Treatment of Knee and Shoulder Problems
John Filippini, DC Danville, 94526
Avoided Knee Replacement with All-Natural Herbal Supplement
Quli Zhou, LAc San Jose, 95129
Successful Treatment of Arthritic Knee
Valerie Ozsu, MSN, CNM, NP, Nutrition Response Testing Vacaville, 95688
Successful Treatment of Chronic Arthritis in Left Knee
Gary Hartell, D.C., F.I.A.C.A. Vernon, 06066
Successful Arthritic Knee Degeneration Treatment
Felicia M. Dyess, Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Jacksonville , 32223
Amazing Knee Pain Relief
Michael Biamonte, ND, Nutritionist, CCN Dunedin, 34698
Successful Treatment of Knee Conditions Avoiding Replacement Surgeries
Yonat Har-Nov, LAc Parkland, 33067
Successful Treatment of Chronic Arthritic Knee Pain
Richard Vail, DC, ND Clayton, 30525
Successful Resolution of Medial Knee Pain
Robert Bartosh, DC Danville, 61832
Successful Improvement of Osteoarthritis and Knee Pain
Charles Coppola, Holistic Chiropractor Elmsford, 10523
No Knee Surgery!
James Foy, DC Cleveland, 44103
Osteoarthritis Solution for Both Knees
Donna F. Smith, ND, PhD, CCN Wichita Falls, 76310
Successful Treatment for Knee Degeneration and Prevention of Knee Replacement Surgery
Brian Hess, DC Culpeper, 22701
Successful Healing of Degenerated Knee
Jack Kucheran, DC Calgary, T1Y6X3
Successful Treatment of Knee Injury
Holly Horan, LAc/MT RR2 St.Pauls , N0K1V0
Successful Treatment for Knee Pain