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Richard Vail, DC, ND
Clayton Family Chiropractic
55 Chechero Street
Clayton, GA 30525  United States
Successful Resolution of Medial Knee Pain
A 43 year old woman (teacher from Russia) came for treatment in 2006. She had been a very active person over many years. The MD had told her about the need for knee surgery (particularly the right knee). The patient suffered excessive pronation of both feet and particular problems on her right side (test of mechanical structure of both feet and legs). She suffered from pain when walking (5 out of 10) and used a walking stick.

Dr. Vail applied a combined treatment program composed of chiropractic work, herbal remedies, as well as orthotics including a knee brace (prior to receiving the orthotics feet were casted and wrapped temporarily). A special technique performed by two people was used to fraction out and untangle muscles and bones. The orthotics played a key role to achieve overall success of treatment. The total length of the program lasted about 6 months including the follow-up care for the patient. It started with three visits for the first two weeks, continued with two sessions per week after the orthotics had been applied for another two weeks, and then transitioned to one visit per week for the remaining time of the program.

Upon completion of the program the patients pain had been completely eliminated. She continues to wear the orthotics to maintain her quality of health. The results have been sustained ever since. She has never used a walking stick again. The surgery was not needed anymore. The patient is very happy with the outcome. She referred a number of new patients coming for treatment all the way from Russia.
Bussiness Hours: Tue-Thu: 8:30A-5:30P (Lunch: 12:30P-2P)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan and insurance policy
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