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Noreen Long, DC
Acupuncture and Chiropractic in Black Mountain
403 A West State St.
Black Mountain, NC 28711 United States
Successful Treatment of Migraine
A female patient, age 19, came for treatment in July 2011. She had been diagnosed with severe migraines and was referred by her neurologist whom she had seen since 2007. Her pain level was reported with 7 out of 10. Besides the migraines she suffered from neck pain.

Dr. Long applied a combined treatment program composed of acupuncture, chiropractic work, neuromuscular release, cranial sacral (massage technique) and home therapy (moist heat and neck relaxation) for a total of three weeks (8 sessions).

The outcome for the student patient was a true relief. The neck pain was completely eliminated. The head pain was reduced to 1 to 2 (out of 10). It occurred only infrequently after the treatment. The patient was very happy. The results have been stable and sustained.
Bussiness Hours: 8AM to 6PM (Mo+Wed+Fri), 8AM to 2PM (Tue+Thu)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan and insurance policy (most plans are accepted)
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