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Noreen Long, DC
Acupuncture and Chiropractic in Black Mountain
403 A West State St.
Black Mountain, NC 28711 United States
Successful Resolution of Piriformis Syndrome
A female patient, age 35, came for treatment of sciatica on her right side in mid August 2011. She suffered from severe sciatic pain (8 out of 10) which radiated down the leg. She walked with a mild limp and had lost some sleep due to the pain (1 week in pain when coming for treatment). The patient suffered from a limited range of motion (60% of normal range because of a problem with her low back) and could not perform her daily work as a supervisor in a hospital. She was diagnosed with Piriformis syndrome (injury of deep sciatic muscle in the buttocks that wraps around the sciatic nerve).

A combined program was prescribed composed of ultrasound, acupuncture, neuromuscular release and home therapy (herbal remedy, stretching, cold and moist heat packs) for a total length of two weeks (5 treatments).

Upon finishing the treatment sessions, all pain had been removed. The patient had regained her full range of motion. The results have been sustained ever since. She is back to work and very happy.

Bussiness Hours: 8AM to 6PM (Mo+Wed+Fri), 8AM to 2PM (Tue+Thu)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan and insurance policy (most plans are accepted)
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