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James Foy, DC
Community Chiropractic Clinic
4031 Saint Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103 United States
Successful Treatment of Hip Arthritis
Patient was a 70-year-old retired school teacher who does volunteer work for missionary groups. She was having tremendous arthritic pain in her right hip and also muscular pain in right groin. For treatment I adjusted her, used trigger point therapy, and a series of 10 large WHITEE Patches and 4 LC Balancers. At the end of five weeks, the patient was asymptomatic; she could squat with no pain, and standing/bending was also pain free. Additionally her altered gait was corrected. While she had been told by her MD that she had necrotic bone in her hip area, on a scale from 0-10 that pain is now a 0. She says the patches definitely did their job. To this day (6 months after treatment) the patient remains completely pain free.
Bussiness Hours: MWF 10-noon, 2-5 Th 10-noon, 2-6 EST
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Depends on Treatment
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