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Terry/Kerry Haydel, DC
Haydel and Haydel Chiropractic
22344 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrence, CA 90505 United States
A Letter from a Patient after a Successful GERD Treatment
Dr. Haydel was so helpful when I had a long-lasting bout of GERD. He recommended the Acid Reflux/GERD protocol from WEI Labs. I had been taking a strong PPI for five weeks without positive results. I started the WEI herbs while continuing on a lower dose of the PPI, as he recommended, and about day 6. I started to feel them working. I continued the herbs for three weeks along with a strict GERD diet and I am lucky to say, the severe symptoms are completely resolved. I am still very careful with my diet and will start on a low maintenance dose if my symptoms return. I was also prescribed WEI patches for my DDD and disc bulges. These patches are incredible! They work on inflammation and healing, not just masking the pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Haydel and his great assistant Valerie.
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