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Case Studies
Terry/Kerry Haydel, DC
Haydel and Haydel Chiropractic
22344 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrence, CA 90505 United States
Terry Haydel, D.C. (left) and Kerry Haydel, D.C. (right) are identical twin doctors practicing chiropractic in Torrance, California since 1982. Degrees in the sciences of microbiology and chemistry provided a foundation for a practice based in nutritional therapy, because healing body chemistry is the key to preventing disease, degeneration, and infection.

The study of microbiology and chemistry usually leads a person down the path of mainstream or allopathic medicine, but to the contrary Terry Haydel, D.C. and Kerry Haydel, D.C. developed an affinity with holistic medicine and chiropractic. When asked how such a divergence occurred, the answer is always bubonic plague.

The most catastrophic microbial event in history was black death in the middle ages, which killed one-third of the population in Europe. Allopathic medicine sites the cause of death as the transmission of bacteria from rats to humans. The holistic assessment is that two thirds of the population survived in the same environment, and must have had a chemical advantage over the infected. Chemistry includes human hormones, enzymes, and antibodies that mediate the immune response to microbes. The nervous system innervates the organs that produce the chemicals, and nutrition provides the materials necessary to fabricate the chemicals. Put it all together Chiropractic.

Thirty-five years of experience in nutritional therapy has galvanized the concept that degeneration and disease is a result of nutritional deficiency and dietary insult. Nutrition elevates the body's chemistry above the perils of the environment, and is the first line of defense against new plagues affecting the current two thirds of the population.

We were introduced to Wei laboratories by a chain smoker that relieved all symptoms of emphysema using the recommended protocol, which is not a common occurrence. Repeated success treating patients with respiratory conditions led to broadening the use of Wei nutritional protocols to affect arthritis, chronic pain, and inflammation.
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