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Robert Marshall, DC
Marshall Chiropractic
40 Red Coat Rd
Westport, CT 06880 United States
Successful Healing of Fibromyalgia
A female patient, age 48, had suffered from fibromyalgia for a period of twenty years. A variety of medication had been applied to treat the disease. Nothing had solved the problem. She indicated pain in several areas such as neck, shoulders, lower arm area. She also suffered from low energy, tiredness and depression.

Dr. Marshall applied specific adjustments to the complete spinal system using a very light chiropractic technique. The treatment program lasted for a period of three months (30 sessions).

The results have been remarkable. An 80% improvement was achieved in solving a 20-year problem. Her range of motion showed substantial improvements. The neurological reflexes came back to normal. The patients depression disappeared. She practically started a new life.

The patient has not used any maintenance since 2010. The results of the treatment have sustained ever since.
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