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C.A.  Diede, DC
Winner Chiropractics
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Successful Healing of Medial Lateral Epicondylitis (Tendonitis) in Both Elbows
A male patient, age 53, had suffered from tendonitis (golfer elbow) in both elbows for a number of years. The injury dated back to his time in school when an exercise in physical education caused the original deformation and inflammation in both arms of the patient. The pain level had been severe many times during all those years (pain level 8 out of 10). The nature of the pain was sharp whenever the patient contracted the muscle. Temporary relief had been given through proper chiropractic treatment (adjustments, soft tissue therapy, ultrasound, massage). However, the pain kept coming back. It implied professional risk for the patient given the need of physical strength to perform at work. In addition, the medial side of the right arm had been itching over the years due to the accident in high school (produced metabolic toxins).

In 2009, the patient started a treatment program with herbal patches. The treatment program included different scenarios for the left and right arm. Each patch was applied for three days and immediately replaced by the next one. The right arm was treated with three patches on the inside and three on the outside of the elbow (total of six patches for nine days). The left arm received six patches on the inside as well as four patches on the outside of the elbow. The treatment occurred in steps and was not implemented at the same time for both arms.

The results were amazing. The pain had been completely eliminated after a few months. The results have sustained ever since. The application of the herbal patches saved the professional from potential disability (restored his capability of performing his work). Only one small spot on the medial side of the left elbow still shows some tenderness (not troublesome anymore though). All in all there is a clear trend towards final and complete recovery.
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