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Case Studies
C.A.  Diede, DC
Winner Chiropractics
337 S. Main St
Winner, SD 57580 United States
Hello, my name is Dr. Diede. I provide for my patients as I would want to receive. My treatments are thorough. Commonly 45 minutes in length. This is because of the time needed to do the muscle work. It is in being thorough that the majority of people are well following just one treatment at my clinic. Unlike other chiropractic clinics that use machines at great expense to the individual, most all I need are my hands to provide the doctoring to others. Treatment consists of softening of muscle, manual (by hand) alignment of bone with attention given to balance of body structure. There exists a large percentage of the population that have a small difference in size of the two sides of the body. The consequence of that is a lack of balance. The body is extremely sensitive to this asymmetry. The remedy in addition to bone adjustment is to put what is called a heel lift in the shoe of the short side. People are skeptic until they experience the difference it can make. I take pride in providing the best of care at low cost and unlike many others, I want to make my patients maximally independent of myself (and other doctors). My methods are Chiropractic and Naturopathic. Attention is given to nutrition and to cleansing the body of what is inside that does not belong.

Extensive Soft Tissue Work

Business Hours: 9AM-5PM (Mo-Fr; lunch break: 12PM-1PM); Sat: by pre-arranged appointment only
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: by arrangement