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Kathy Thomas, DOM, LAc
(772) 634-0495
4939 SE Jack Avenue
Stuart, FL 34997 United States
Welcome to the life and practice of Dr. Kathryn Thomas, a Florida Native whose passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine shows in her patient’s quick response to treatment. After several years as a practitioner, Dr. Kathy offers a kind and patient centered treatment style that has grown her business by word of mouth.

In partnership with Wei labs, she has the capacity to bring her treatments toward internal medicine, offering the protocols available for even difficult pathologies of the body, such as Musculoskeletal and tendon pain and injury, Lung problems such as COPD and Chronic Rhinitis, and Kidney problems which are often the root of many symptoms of the body. Dr. Kathy has treated lymphedema, headaches, chronic rhinitis, insomnia, eye pain and sties, tooth pain, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, digestive issues and constipation (or Irritable bowel) and a host of other ailments.

Dr. Kathy uses all of the treatment modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Tuina, Moxibustion and Cupping. Each patient is given a personal treatment plan complemented by Herbal therapies which aids in successful recovery. Even in a difficult chronic condition, some balance can be restored which will bring the sufferer much more quality of life and lessening of symptoms and pain.

Dr. Kathy also has OB/GYN experience with hopeful, pregnant and post-natal mothers offering a peaceful delivery and post-partum treatment plan to insure a healthy start for infant and mother.

Treating children is in Dr. Kathy’s repertoire and she shines with her young patients, offering options that restore the harmony of a young body with great result.

Asked about her practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Kathy is always amazed at the innate power of the human body to feel better, to heal itself when pathologies are given a pathway out. “ I believe that coming to an acupuncturist is opening the door to a healthy you!”

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