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Mayda  Carrillo, AP/RN
1201 Sheridan Rd.
Clearwater, FL 33755 United States
Dr. Carrillo is a Florida licensed and National Acupuncture Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a Diplomate Degree with advanced training in Acupuncture and as a Acupuncture Physician.

Her very first interest in Medicine was as a Registered Nurse with a Bachelors and Masters in Nursing, Surgical and is certified as a Psychiatric Nurse with Administration experience at the VA Hospital in Chicago. With 30 years’ experience in open heart surgery, brain surgery, stem cell applications to deep wound care and in visiting home health for the critical and elderly patients.

She graduated from The Community School of Traditional Chinese Health Care of Miami, Florida in 1994.

Dr. Carrillo has had extensive training for pain reducing with Mesotherapy with Bio-puncture, Prolotherapy, Injectables, Cold Laser, the Acutron EMS, the Acugraph 4 Digital Meridian Imaging System, the NUE Fusion 600 Facial and Body Muscle Lift, Reshaping, Toning and Fat Reduction System, She has been trained and specializs in Face & Neck Cosmetic Acupuncture which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and is used as an alternative to plastic surgery. She is also a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Diplomate and has completed an extensive 4 year school in Classical Homeopathic Physician. Dr. Carrillo has devoted her training to the natural healing modalities that will give freedom from pain and illness by correcting the imbalances of the body through their own natural balance, with proper non-harmful medicine or supplements.
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