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Kimberly Peters, DC, CMT, BCTM
315 North Loop Drive
Camarillo, CA 930100 United States
Doctor Kimberly Peters began her career as an RN. She then became a Doctor of Chiropractic over 30 years ago. After experiencing the amazing healing powers of orthopedic body work, she went on to become a certified massage therapist. Dr. Peters continues to advance her knowledge and abilities thru her own research and seminars. She is presently preparing a seminar series to raise the skills of massage therapists. With her combination of expert therapies and her experienced background, Dr. Peters has had fantastic results in the healing of very extreme cases. She specializes in postural correction, joint movement, scar reduction, spinal alignment, disc injury correction, post surgical rehabilitation and enhancing athletic performance.
Business Hours: 10am - 6pm Mon, Tues Thurs and Fri
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: $120 initial session, $80 to $120 per session