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Machelle Perkins, AP, DOM
NaturalMed Therapies
7600 Bryan Dairy Rd Ste #C
Largo, FL 33777 United States
Successful Treatment of Asthma Caused by Allergic Reactions
A female patient, 24 years old, came for treatment in 1995. She had tried all kinds of allergy treatments starting in 1991. She used an inhaler, had received allergy shots (once a week) and took other forms of allergy medication (oral) for four years. Nothing had really worked well. It impacted her life greatly as her daily schedule suffered (e.g. option to regularly attend school).

Dr. Perkins started the patient on a combined treatment program consisting of acupuncture and Chinese herbs for a total length of six months (one session per week). She used three Chinese herbal formulas.

The results have been truly positive. The inhaler has become obsolete. So have the allergy shots as well as the additional oral allergy medications. In addition, the patients liver enzymes had been normalized (before at 750). She started going back to school on a regular schedule in 1996 and finished in 1999. The results have been sustained ever since. Dr. Perkins still applies periodic refreshments (once a year) to boost the immune system (e.g. homeopathic histamines).
Bussiness Hours: 9AM-7PM (Mo-Fri); Lunch Break: 12PM-1PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $150 (initial 1.5h visit); $100 (follow-up); if 4 visits paid upfront then 5th visit for free
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