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Hasna Tiffany  Wood, LAc
8065 Whited Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472 United States
Successful Resolution of Allergies, Asthma & Sinusitis
A female patient, age 67, had come for treatment in 2010. She had been diagnosed with multiple conditions including severe allergies, chronic pain, obesity, digestive abnormalities (e.g. Candida) as well as cardiovascular disease, corona artery disease, arrhythmia, reduced blood flow in her legs, plaque in her arteries, high cholesterol, hypertension, adrenal fatigue as well as potential thyroid problems. The MDs had prescribed an endless list of medication.

A combined treatment program was prescribed. It consisted of acupuncture, face massage, dietary changes as well as herbal remedies. More specifically, the patient was treated with Bitter Juice and Easy Air (against allergies) for two weeks. After another two weeks with B2 Juice and Apro Capsules her sinusitis had been completely cleared. Soup A and LC balancer were applied in the following three weeks (preventative). The total treatment lasted for about 3 months (2-3 times a week).

After a few sessions the patient had improved significantly. Her cough had been greatly reduced. The wheezing was practically eliminated. After 6 weeks into the program her sleep apnea had been cured. The patients nasal inflammation was gone (no stuffed nose, no wheezing). The patients energy level had increased dramatically. The results have been sustained ever since. She is totally happy.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment only (please call)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on the treatment plan
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