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Jack Kucheran, DC
Northside Wellness Centre
#16 3434 34th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T1Y6X3 Canada
Successful Treatment of Heart Palpitations and Stenosis
60M patient suffered from arrhythmia with irregular heartbeat and palpitations. Dr. Jack recommended a treatment with PaceKeeping Formula from Wei Labs. After finishing 2 weeks of treatment, the Patient noticed much less palpitations, but still experienced the occasional palpitations. The 3rd week treatment, however, did not make further improvement. The Patient still experienced 4-6 flutters daily. The Patient tried Myogen from Wei Labs and did not see any difference. Also tried CV Formula did not see any changed. Later on, the patient was diagnosed with an enlarged left ventricle. It made him cough when he experienced a skipped heartbeat. When he is active, he will not have the flutters. It comes up only when he is inactive and exercising can get rid of it. The Doctor believed his heart had some dampness. CV, B-2, Qi, Myogen from Wei Labs, were recommended to take at 1/3 dose in combination with the PaceKeeping. After one month treatment with the combined 5 formulas, the heart palpitations that the Patient had for several years were finally cleared up completely.

The same patient also experienced neck pains while working on his heart. Even though the patient had been given different types of treatment including adjustment, active release on the neck, and laser, he still had a very intense tingling sensation shooting down his arm to his pinky finger whenever doing head extension. He also had pain in his scapula. Doctor believed the condition was caused by stenosis in the cervical spine or some disc injury or degeneration, so he recommended Wei Labs WHITEE Patches, LCB and Brown with the patch being applied at C7-T1, C8 nerve root.

After the 1st month of treatment, the patient reported a really intense electrical shock feelings. There was no significant changes on other symptoms. Doctor believed the herbs needed to have better access to the injured area. So during the 2nd month, the patch was switch to the front of the neck. However, the patient did not see much results. In the 3rd month, the patch was switched to the back of the neck again. But it was applied at C6 - T2 area. He did 3 days on and 2 days off, instead of 2 days on and 1 day off. After 2 weeks he got an electrical shock feeling if he extended his neck along the C7-C8 cervical route.

Considering the age of the patient, the Doctor recommend to add low dose of Xcel to the kidney function. M-Strong is also recommended to and boost his kidney yang and enhance erectile function. With the addition of kidney formula, the patient saw an increase in the tingling in the hands and fingers initially. He does weights and tries to keep strong. When he does chin ups, he is having problems with his grip strength. With the M-Strong, he noticed he had more energy and is able to do chin ups with enough grip strength the first day. He also noticed that there was the odd time when he got a deep ache in his triceps and occasionally down the last two fingers on the right hand.

After finishing the 3rd month, his erection function is doing much better. the Patient reported some improvement in the disc. He had one day when he felt a definite improvement on the nerves in his arm. The Patient continued the treatment with WHITEE Patch, LC Balancer, Brown, Xcel and M-Strong at half dosage for an additional month. KS was also added to the treatment to help remove some heat symptoms. After the 4th month, the Patient finally was starting to see a significant change. All the symptoms were gone. The only thing left was the tingling and numbness when he tilts head back and to the right. But it was much better and not as intense before. On the 5th month treatment, the Patient experienced a light set back because the Patient had overdone in terms of stretching. Then continued to the 6th month treatment with the all intake formula being taken at 1/3 dosage. The Patient reported 95-98% better after the 6th month treatment.
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Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan
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