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Jack Kucheran, DC
Northside Wellness Centre
#16 3434 34th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T1Y6X3 Canada
Successful Treatment of Knee Injury
Condition: Torn Medial Meniscus/left knee pain, medial knee pain, joint restriction and loss of range of motion (ROM), left leg muscle atrophy, unable to climb stairs up or down without pain, experienced pain every step and had a limp

Products/Treatments Used: chiropractic, electro-laser, acupuncture, laser, herbal Patches and a liquid herbal intake formula

Treatment timeline: June 2011: herbal formulas were started in October 2011

Improvements: less left knee pain, increase ROM and strength, 95% better, patient is able to climb stairs up or down without pain, no limp, increased strength

Quality of Life Improvement: No more pain walking, can climb stairs up and down, no pain, went skiing downhill, no problem, went cross country skiing for 6 hours/24 KLMs, no problem, doing weights again, rebounding (trampoline) 20-25 minutes, no problem. Very satisfied.

Bussiness Hours: Mo: 7A-11A, 3P-7P; Tue: 7A-11A, 3P-6P; Wed: 12P-6:30P; Thu: 7A-9A, 3P-7P
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan
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