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Julie Schifferli, DC
Prescott Valley Chiropractic
(928) 775-0522
3088 N. Robert Road
PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 United States
Successful Foot Neuropathy Treatment
Male patient, age 67, came in with burning numbness in his feet, going up to just below his knees. He could not have anything touch his toes or feet for more than 20 years, even the sheets on his bed caused him pain. Because of a medical diagnosis 15 years earlier the patient was on pain medication to only manage the pain and he could not walk without the medication.

After 2 adjustments, the patient claimed that for the first time he could move his big toe with no pain. After seven adjustments, he had no foot pain & his secondary hip pain was gone. Following 1 month of care, the patient said he could feel the carpet again and could walk with confidence on the carpet.

The patient had 38 visits which effected his vibration sense to come back, although his distal little toe still has some loss of sensation. The patient feels more relaxed, the bed sheet on his toes does not bother him, and he can walk and stand with confidence.

The Patient is still under care to completely remove the numbness from his toes.

Bussiness Hours: 8-11 2-6, T TH 2-6 Sat 9-11
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: by arrangement
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