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Marla Evans, Master Nutrition Therapist
Reclaimed Health
(806) 553-0585
Amarillo, TX N/A United States
Increased ROM in Bakers Cyst Patient
When Marla was younger, she tore her meniscus and had it removed. It is very common for patients who have had meniscus injuries to have Baker's cysts develop later in life, this was the case for Marla. As the cyst began to grow, Marla gradually lost her ability to bend her knee and walking was excruciatingly painful. To treat the swelling in her knee, she sought out cold laser treatment. On her best days, Marla was only able to bend her knee ~80 degrees. Long walks or any exercise on foot for Marla was out of the question.

In Marla's search for alternative treatments, she found Wei Labs. The recommended treatment was medium WHITEE Patches for the medial side of the knee and medium WHITEE Patches for the posterior side of the knee as well as the full dosage of LC Balancer. In the first 3 days of treatment, the cyst decreased so that she was able to bend her knee 90 degrees, a 10 degree increase in Range of Motion (ROM). On top of the improved flexibility, Marla's pain from walking was reduced.

Accompanied by Wei Lab patches and herbal intake formulas, Marla has been going to physical therapy. After 4 weeks of treatment, Marla had a 20% improvement in her ROM. The normal range of motion for a knee is 135 degrees. Before Marla started her treatment, she had 60% knee movement at around ~80 degrees, now she has 80% knee movement at 108 degree with the size of the cyst reduced by 99%. At the end of Marla's treatment, she was ecstatic with her results and is going to start treating an injury in her other leg.

Prior to Treatment Start of TreatmentPost Treatment
ROM (Marla)<80o>90o108o
ROM (Control)135o135o135o
Size of Cyst (%)100101

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