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Jeffrey C Kalins, DC
New Concept Wellness Center
8501 Georgia Highway 85
River Dale, GA 30274 United States
Successful Resolution of Fungal Infection on Feet
A 29-year old female came for treatment in fall 2010. She had been identified with fungal infection at both of her feet (both large toes as well as 1-2 more toes on each side). The symptoms had been there for several years. The patient had consulted a number of practitioners without success. She had taken topical remedies (e.g. creame and ointments). Internal medications had been prescribed as well. None of the treatments had produced results.

Dr. Kalins used applied kinesiology to determine the right remedies to be able to clear the conditions. Based on the findings an herbal treatment program was applied for a total length of three and a half months (4 sessions, 1 intake and 3 evaluations). Three different herbal components (produced by different vendors) were prescribed. In addition, an optimized dietary schedule had been put to work.

The outcome has been huge. The patients nails have been completely restored. The fungal infection never came back. The results have been sustained ever since. The patient discontinued the herbal remedies and stayed on the optimized dietary schedule.

Bussiness Hours: Mo+Tue+Thu+Fri: 8:45A-12P; 3P-6:30P; Sat: 8:45A-12P
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: payment plans available; all major insurances accepted
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