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Jeffrey C Kalins, DC
New Concept Wellness Center
8501 Georgia Highway 85
River Dale, GA 30274 United States
Successful Resolution of Type II Diabetes
A female patient, age 46, came for treatment in the Spring of 2011. A medical doctor had diagnosed her with diabetes Type II five years ago. She suffered from obesity (43 pounds of overweight), low energy, difficulties sleeping, fuzzy non-focused thought patterns as well as a bad bowel function. She had been prescribed medication against diabetes (by the MD).

Dr. Kalins applied the nutritional response therapy composed of different nutritional therapy components for a total length of 6 months (one session per week for the first four weeks, once every other week for the remaining time). The sessions addressed the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland as well as the liver, the adrenal glands and the pancreas. It included an automatic weight loss based on the assumption that healthy people cannot be overweight.

Upon completion of the treatment program the patient had lost 36 pounds. She had regained far more energy as well as the ability to sleep through the night (without waking). A clear thought process had been restored. The nutritional response therapy completely cleared the diabetes. All medication had been discontinued. The patient continued on the recommended dietary schedule. The results have been sustained ever since.
Bussiness Hours: Mo+Tue+Thu+Fri: 8:45A-12P; 3P-6:30P; Sat: 8:45A-12P
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: payment plans available; all major insurances accepted
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