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Shadye Peyvan, LAc, PhD
Green Wellness Acupuncture
(626) 292-1274
2304 Huntington Dr
San Marino, CA 91108 United States
Successful Treatment of Diverticulitis
Male patient 38 years old came to our office in April 2016. His diagnosis was Diverticulitis with pus, bleeding, mucus and small perforations. He reported the level of his abdominal pain 8-9 from 10 scale with chills and fever. He was on antibiotics.

I asked him to come for acupuncture treatment 3 times per week. By putting him on proper diet and LC Balancer for improvement of Micro-circulation, the new tissue generation, and repair the lining of his intestine gradually started to become a reality.

His last CT scan performed on October 18th, 2016 indicated a full recovery and no need for surgery. He will continue to come for acupuncture treatments 2 times per month to maintain his well-being.
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