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Galina Semyonova, LAc
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Successful Shrinkage of Lymph Node Tumor
Pre-Treatment (08/02/2017):
The cancerous mass is noted in yellow on the image to the left, and the red discoloration on the right image, see arrows.

Post Treatment (11/16/2017):

The absence of yellow/red discoloration shows the mass has shrunk.
A 45-year-old female presented with severe swelling and pain on the left side of her neck. At the end of April 2017, she had a biopsy performed and was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma potentially due to the human papillomavirus. She did not want to have surgery or chemotherapy, instead, she wanted to go a more natural route. Her goal was to shrink her tumor and become cancer free.

The patient saw Galina in July 2017 where she received many diagnostic tests and treatments that consisted of Thermography, PEMF, Rayonex Bioresonance Therapy, and Hyperthermia. Thermography is a diagnostic technique that utilizes an infrared digital camera that takes a thermal picture to identify if there are any minor changes in the physiology of the tissue, which can help detect cancerous tumors in advance (see images above). Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy specifically aids in helping with cancer patients because PEMF bombards the cancerous cells with many negative ions, which overcharges the cells and over time disintegrates them. Rayonex Bioresonance Therapy determines the electromagnetic oscillations from the body through Vega Testing and then helps the body get back to its normal function by reinforcing healthy resonances and canceling out the insidious resonances that can harm the body. Hyperthermia is a technique that brings the bodys temperature up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit maximum over the course of 4-5 hours. This infrared heat penetrates 10 cm into your tissues and effectively helps the bodys circulation and sweating mechanism. Hyperthermia Therapy induces macrophage activation by increasing the production of granulocytes and macrophages that eat the cancer cells. The increased production of granulocytes maintains within the body for about two weeks after this four to five-hour treatment. So, for cancer patients, when hyperthermia is performed once or even twice a week it continues and elongates the macrophage activation to effectively terminate the cancerous cells and also stimulate the production of more white blood cells that aid in your bodys immune response (which is opposite from chemotherapys goal).

In August, after working with Galinas diagnostic methods and therapies, she also recommended the use of Wei Laboratories herbal formulas that included Formula C (at full dose), large Gold patches (5 large patches every two weeks), Formula D, Gold capsules, LC Balancer, Qi Booster, Sona, Brown (all at half dose), and Breez (at a one and a half dosage).

Virucin was added two months into the treatment (at full dose) due to the fact that her cancer could have been virus-induced by the human papillomavirus. The other products were used to shrink the tumor and treat cancer. The Gold capsules and Gold patches are used to break the stasis and cancerous mass by activating the Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte (CTLs) and improving CTLs recognition of the cancer cell surface antigen to effectively launch the attack and lyse the cancer cells. Gold also helps inhibit tumor proliferation and metastasis and initiates cancer apoptosis process by regulating the Fas/FasL pathway. Sona and Breez support lymph node processing of the liquefied tumor and to prevent lymph node blockage due to an accumulation of dead cancer cells. Brown, LC Balancer and Qi Booster help restore the immune function of the body. Bitter reduces cytokines and IgG produced by cancer. Formula C decreases inflammation and increases connective tissue structure to control cancer growth. Due to the detection of H. pylori in the gut, Formula D was added to treatment to eliminate this infection.

After doing these products and therapies very diligently for 3 months, the patient now can report that she has no pain or discomfort in the neck area. Her tumor has also shrunk by 10 times, as seen through thermography testing (see images above). The patient has continued the products for the next two months at a lower dosage for sustained results. She said that she achieved her goal with Wei Laboratories since her tumor shrunk. Currently, she is waiting on testing that will indicate if she is cancer free.
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