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Terry King-Bey, DNM, ND
T.K.E Holistic Health Solutions
(216) 322-1128
11470 Euclid Ave., Ste. 260
Cleveland, OH 44106 United States
Successful Treatment of Kidney Failure, High Bloood Pressure and Anemia
A patient was diagnosed with diabetes and kidney failure with symptoms of high blood pressure, low energy, poor sleep and bubbles in urine. His quality of life was severely diminished and was put on dialysis 3 times a week to support the kidneys as well as anemia shots for low iron levels. The patient began an herbal treatment with products from Wei Laboratories consisting of LC Balancer, Anemic Formula, and Xcel Capsules while keeping his medications and routine dialysis. After 2 weeks of treatment hemoglobin levels improved dramatically and doctors determined the patient no longer needed iron supplement injections. Blood pressure levels improved to that comparable to a 17 year old. Urine quality improved and there was a significant reduction of bubbles in the urine. This indicated less protein in the urine, a sign of improved kidney structure and function. The doctor was very impressed with these results. The patient reported much better energy levels and sleep quality. Night time urination also was no longer an issue. The patient is still undergoing treatment and is showing excellent progress.
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