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Donna F. Smith, ND, PhD, CCN
Advanced Clinical Nutrition
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Wichita Falls, TX 76310 United States
Successful Treatment for Sinus Allergies
This 68-year-old male patient presented to Dr. Smith, having suffered for several years, with sinus pressure, frequent runny nose, persistent cough, as well as frequent clearing of throat that was similar to a Tourettes Syndrome Tic, which was what he and his wife thought was the cause. He was also interested in a Wellness Program to improve his over-all biological and biochemical health to improve and maintain optimal health for the rest of his life. After Dr. Smith provided a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of his blood, hair, and saliva (for male hormone assessment), a series of therapeutic whole food supplement and dietary programs were designed based on the priorities as identified in his initial and updated test findings.

After starting their programs, patients begin experiencing improvement within 3-6 weeks, or less, no matter what their health challenges. After two months, this patient no longer experienced any sinus pressure or runny nose and at seven months, he was experiencing his tic-like coughing only 20% of the time. His Sinus allergy was from decades of ingesting milk products that had built up excessive mucus in his throat and lungs. His mucus membranes were clogged with excess mucus and air flow was being blocked when breathed, hence he coughed to expel the mucus from covering his windpipe.

Sinus drugs suppress symptoms and prevent the excess mucus from leaving the body; thus in due time, this build-up will lead to infection and mal-absorption throughout the body. Mucus build-up can form cysts and tumors which take more time and energy (effort) to dissolve than when mucus is flowing. Though it may take 9-12 months to dissolve and remove layers and layers of mucus build-up, then grow a new healthy mucus membrane, this is quite minimal to the decades it took for him to arrive at this ill state. He is delighted with his progress.
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