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Rita Roberts, M.A., C.C.N.
Sound Health Advanced Alternative Therapeutics at OMNI Optimal Health
66 Central St. (Rte. 135), Suite 3
Wellesley, MA 02482 United States
Up All Night -- Sick Building Syndrome Resolved
A 58 year old neonatal nurse devoted to her career of over 35 years felt forced to take a leave of absence when a sudden and mysterious illness struck. Plagued by constant fatigue exacerbated by sleeplessness and migrating pain, particularly in the hip area, she was no longer able to withstand the intensive nature of her work, which included caring for infants that often did not survive past the one year mark. Working within the Boston medical community, she had access to, and actually consulted, many medical experts, but to no avail. Despite rigorous testing, no one could give her an actual diagnosis. Forced to abandon the work that she considered a true calling, she sought help. Facing the precariousness of her job situation, with her benefits about to expire and no hope of improvement, she had grown despondent. Three years into her health crisis, she was referred to me for assessment by a 70 year old social worker, herself a former patient of mine.

Due to this nurses conservative mindset and her own traditional medical training, seeking help from a holistic health professional was a hard step for her. During the consultation she openly discussed what she deemed the hopelessness of her situation, mirroring her nursing friends feelings that she was too sick to visit them, lamenting her loss of meaningful work, and vocalizing her mistrust that if the top Boston physicians could not find the cause, how could I, or any other alternative practitioner?

After evaluating the written physician-designed tests I utilize and conducting a thorough interview regarding her health history, personal living circumstances, and other relevant factors, I had a sense that the problem was environmental in nature. I persuaded her to examine the possibility that her house had a toxic mold present. I provided her with ample information and research that I kept on hand, then gave her the name of someone qualified to do in-depth testing. Both because of the research I had provided and her firm desire to make sense of the elusiveness of her illness, she followed through and had her house tested. She was highly impressed with the company I had recommended to do this job for her.

The mold was in evidence not only in the usual areas, but also in her bedroom, living room, and basement, which was badly in need of reconstruction to remove the source of the mold, a costly proposition. As spring approached and her symptoms worsened, she acquiesced to the house overhaul. Due to the release of toxic residue; I, along with the company representative, urged her to relocate while the work was going on. I had initially wanted her to do this early on as a means of having her test, firsthand, if she felt better right away. Now that she had a concrete reason to evacuate, she went to stay at a nearby family members home, also near the water. Within 3 nights of being away from the mold, her sleeplessness abated.

She also finally became willing to implement the nutriceutical protocol I had suggested so that her immune system could repair itself. This protocol included a gentle liver cleanse complemented by adrenal support, as her cortisol levels were visibly affected. Her early attempts, despite being a nurse and understanding the importance of using a supplement protocol and adjusting hereditary intake, had failed, as she was sporadic in her approach and had been a finicky eater her entire life. Now she became receptive and compliant. Three years of chronic and constant symptoms began to resolve in a relatively short time, even though the ongoing mold exposure had affected her health profoundly.
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