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Successful Treatment of PTSD - 4 Cases
Case 1

A male patient of 48 years had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of a near death dog attack. The patients face had been mauled to the point of disfigurement. After seeing multiple doctors for plastic surgery operations to rehabilitate his facial structure, the patient had still been suffering from a great deal of depression and explosive mood swings.

Dr. Handwerker treated the patient with a series of 28 psychological support and forensic testimonial sessions which spanned across a total of 14 months. The treatment method, known as Here and Now Therapy, utilized many cognitive behavioral based therapies which worked towards developing empathic communication between family members and having a less aggressive perspective on past events. Dr. Handwerker also worked to establish a healthier lifestyle and diet patterns to help improve his progress.

After the treatment process, the patient felt he had been cured and felt that he was much happier than he had been in the past. He began feeling less depressed and more connected to his initial goals in life. He now owns a pet dog which he loves and has developed a strong relationship with.

Case 2

A female patient of 62 years had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after being rear ended by a truck. The patient could no longer motivate herself to drive a car and had been bed-ridden as a result of the accident. She had been seeing medical doctors previously in order to address her physical injuries. But no work had been done to assist her on a mental level. Dr. Handwerker treated her condition with a combination of:

Visual Relaxation Meditations
Dietary and Supplemental changes in her lifestyle (Noninvasive and Low Impact)
Joint consultation work with her husband to rehabilitate her ability to drive

The treatment process lasted a total of 8 sessions over a span of 3 months and consisted of 2 sessions for the first 3 weeks and 2 sessions each month that followed.

The patient had made significant gains over the 3 month treatment program. She felt happy that she was no longer imprisoned by the incident. She was able to slowly get back into driving and return to a normal lifestyle. She felt better with herself now that she can be there for her husband and that the nightmares of the incident have subsided.

Case 3

A female stewardess of 23 years had been traumatized as a result of a car accident. As a result, she had become very depressed and anxious in terms of her functioning. She felt her outgoing personality had become repressed. She felt she could neither go out nor perform her duties at work. Medical doctors had prescribed her with anti-depressant medication immediately after the accident. However, she still felt she could not function as she had prior to the accident.

Dr. Handwerker began treating the patient with cognitive therapy sessions to bring out the repressed emotions and issues that she had been struggling with. Coming from a strict familial background and a series of early childhood and adulthood issues, the patient had acquired a great deal of emotional guilt and her depression from the accident had ultimately compounded. Dr. Handwerker worked to alleviate the patients psychological burden through a combination of relaxation meditation, dream journal entries, and lifestyle improvements which promoted a healthier diet and exercise. The treatment program lasted a total of 9 sessions over a span of 3 months. Although the treatment program was intended to last longer, the patient had been facing a great deal of financial hardships and could no longer afford treatment sessions. Despite of Dr. Handwerkers sliding fee schedule, the company she had been working for had resisted giving her financial assistance to pay for the treatment sessions.

However, by the end of the patients time working with Dr. Handwerker, she felt she had improved a great deal and was much happier than before. The patient felt more capable in communicating and expressing her guilt as well as more in touch with her own self acceptance. With an improved mental status and lifestyle, she was very pleased with the results of the treatment but sad it had to end so soon.

Case 4

A 29 year old male had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after surviving a boiler explosion at work. The incident had left the patient in a state of bewilderment, anxiousness, and had ultimately turned his outlook on life upside down. Prior to the explosion, he felt he was a generally happy person and wanted to go back to the way life was before the accident. He had previously seen a medical doctor after the incident for his physical injuries. However, nothing was done to address his psychological distress.

Dr. Handwerker worked with the patient towards refocusing his perspective on life, adopting a healthier diet and exercise regiment, and revisiting the simple pleasures in life. The patient made gradual progress over a span of 7 sessions in 2 months. He began to reflect on how fortunate he was in his life and worked towards having better communication in his relationship with his significant other.

By the end of treatment, he walked away with a better outlook on his life. He began to realize many of things he had taken for granted before the accident and began to appreciate his life more. He was thankful that many repressed issues in his life were brought into light and could be dealt with. He was no longer confused or bewildered and was happy he could resume his optimistic lifestyle.
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