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Ward C. Hazen, DC
The Hazen Clinic
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649 Ontario St.
Stratford,  ON N5A 3J6 Canada
Successful Treatment of Low Back Pain
63 year old male suffering from chronic low back pain for 40 years. The pain was located in the small of his bach around the L5 area and would, from time to time go down his leg to his ankle. Medical treatment consisted of analgesics (tylenol 1 and 2) anti-inflamatory medication (ibuprofen) and muscle relaxers (robax). He had seen several chiropractors and physiotherapists over the years and he would get temporaty relief.

His treatment consisted of 10 acupuncture treatments. He was dismissed from care with no signs or symptoms of Low Back Pain. Follow visit 2 years later confirmed that his back pain had not returned. He is enjoying his retiremnet and is able to fully follow his passion of fly fishing.

76 year old female with a history of daily chronic back pain for 54 years. She fell out of a second story window at the age of 7 and injured her back (soft tissue injury). The pain in her back started at age 22 and was there daily for 54 years. She had tried every therapy available but was resigned to living on her numerous pain meds including fairly strong narcotic analgesics. Her daughter referred her to our clinic but she refused to come stating that hers was a hopeless case. Her daughter then pre-paid her treatment as a Christmas gift so she had to attend!

She was treated with Matrix Repatterning a total of 14 times. Her back pain was completely resolved and at 1 year follow up has not returned. She was able to successfully wean herself off of her narcotic medication. She is now able to enjoy her life and is able to look after her husband who has alzheimers.
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