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Successful Arrhythmia Treatment
Judy, a 55 year old female patient, has been experiencing palpitations, tightness and discomfort through the chest region along with periodic heart flutters. The symptoms were sometimes accompanied by dizziness causing her to feel exhausted afterwards. The symptoms started two months ago and have not subsided. She has been under a great deal of stress and grief since the sudden death of a close family member.

Upon examination her blood pressure appeared normal but she had a very pronounced skip to her pulse suggesting that further testing was needed. We recommend she see her family doctor for further examination. He recommended an EKG confirming a heart arrhythmia.

Because she prefers to use holistic treatments whenever possible, she asked if we could treat her using a natural approach. We started her on herbal supplements and monitored her very closely. Once a week we evaluated her progress. After the first week, she started to show improvement and has made steady improvement each week since. At her last examination she had reached 99% improvement and was basically back to normal health. I suggested she take the herbal formula for two more weeks to stabilize the treatment and make sure she reached 100% improvement. This patient has had an excellent response to the herbal protocol. She took the herbs for nine weeks. After the first week she started sleeping much better and as she healed, her body became much more relaxed. Today she is back to normal with a strong regular heart beat and lots of energy.
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