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Gary Cools, DC
5782 W US-10
Ludington, MI 49431 United States
Successful Treatment of Severe Tonsil Infection
A patient had infected tonsils. The infection was so bad that the tonsils could not even be removed because the risk of bacteria spread was too large. Before arriving at Dr. Cools practice the patient went through 5 courses of treatment with very strong antibiotics (Quinoline group).

Dr. Cools treated the patient with homeopathic remedies from Belgium to improve the immune system. Result: The symptoms had been eliminated in 21 days. The patient continued the treatment for another 10 days to ensure that hidden viruses are removed as well.

The tonsil patient had impacted tonsils, went through 5 courses of antibiotics, and was still very infected. The tonsils were lanced, and more antibiotics. No progress. Then the mother of this 25 year old male called me and I mailed them 3 homeoapathics. In21 days the symptoms were gone, and in 31 days, the patient was well. I never met the patient until 1 year later and we all exchanged thanks and congratulations then.
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