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Nancy Stern, DC
Gentle Chiropractic Care
5024 Martin Place, N. W.
Albuquerque, NM 87114 United States
Successful Treatment of Diabetics
A female patient in her mid 30ies had been diagnosed with diabetics in 2009. She had been to a checkup where sugar was found in the urine (it takes a large amount of sugar in the body to find sugar in the urine).

Dr. Stern applied a combined treatment composed of non forced chiropractic adjustments, energy work, organ manipulation and emotional clearing. The treatment was implemented in one session (1 hour).

The patient had to have another blood test shortly after the treatment. The medical doctor did not find any symptoms of diabetics. The results have sustained. No maintenance has been needed.
Bussiness Hours: Mo-Fri (11AM-7PM) + Sat (10.30AM-1PM)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $42 (20min session); $60 (30min session); $110 (60min session)
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