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Marla Evans, Master Nutrition Therapist
Reclaimed Health
(806) 553-0585
Amarillo, TX N/A United States
What started in my late 20s as muscle tightness became, by my mid 30s, extreme fatigue and a host of other health concerns. At my worst I could barely even shower in the morning, I knew that I needed to take major steps to reclaim my health. But didn’t know where to turn.

In about 2010 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor put me on meds that made me so sick!! I went back to the doctor and he gave me 5 more prescriptions for the side effects, a stronger RA med, and pain meds. I got home with the bag full of drugs and thought, “There HAS to be a better way!” I sought a second opinion and found out I do not have RA, thankfully, and was able to stop the meds. But I was still experiencing horrible fatigue, brain fog, and muscle pain.

This health crisis propelled me into the world of natural health. I just knew there had to be a way to control these symptoms with food and lifestyle changes.

My journey had me investigating everything from Paleo to Weston A. Price to Raw Vegan. As I cleaned up my diet I started feeling better! I switched to non-toxic cosmetics, personal care products, cleaners and laundry detergents. I continued to improve.

Then in 2012 I discovered Function Diagnostic Nutrition. I learned through FDN how to dig deep to discover the hidden causes of health problems. I learned how stress impacts our hormones and every other area of our health. I learned to interpret lab tests and design lifestyle & supplement protocols to help bring the body back into balance. I continued to implement the FDN program in my own life, detox my environment and adopt better lifestyle habits. As I refined these habits I noticed major changes – I had energy! I was pain-free! I had health!

And through this whole process, I also found that I had developed an abiding passion for teaching others and helping them find change. I lost over 15 years of life to my poor health – I don’t want you to do the same.

I continued deepening my knowledge of the interaction between body and food by attending the Nutrition Therapy Institute and obtaining my Master Nutrition Therapist designation. I have not limited myself to Google searches and guesses. I have invested in working with experts, professionals, and attending in-depth educational training programs so that I can bring you the best practices and most current knowledge in the field.
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