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Susan Russell, LAc
Turning Point Healing Center
4343 Shallowford Rd., Ste. H5
Marietta, GA 30062 United States
Susan F. Russell, L.M.S.W., Dipl.Acom, PH.D. I.E.M., TH.D.,is the Director of Turning Point Healing Center, LLC, a multi-modality educational healing center located in Marietta, Georgia. Her background as a psychotherapist allows her to incorporate a deeper understanding of underlying emotional patterns that often influence an imbalance in one’s body. Susan’s fluency in five languages allows her to work with a multi-cultural client base.

Holding a Doctor of Integrative Energy Medicine and Holism, Susan offers bioenergetic therapies including: N.A.E.T., REIKI, Hypnotherapy, Flower Essences, Auricular Detox, Smoking Cessation, Mental Feng Shui and Facial Rejuvenation.

Guest speaker on “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” with host Suzi Marsh, L.C.S.W. (Sundays at 7:00am on WSB 98.5 FM in Atlanta), Ms. Russell speaks on the subject of Bioenergetics and Body/Mind Psycho-Energetics. Susan actively practices Qi Gong and Meditation.
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