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Case Studies
Lucie Desmarais, Acupuncturist
Master Point Acupuncture
1776 S. Jackson St Suite 425
Denver, CO 80210 United States
Lucie Desmarais has been an active license acupuncturist since 1998 and an active neuromuscular therapist since 1986. She has been treating over a 1000 cases for trauma, neuro-musculo-skeletal problems. She also specializes in fertility, cancer pain, side effects of chemo, radiation therapy, addiction, asthma, cosmetic acupuncture, migraine head aches.
Business Hours: Monday 11am-5pm; Tuesday 11am-5pm; Wednesday 12pm-7pm; Thursday 11am-5pm; Friday 11am-4pm; Saturday 9am-1pm
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Call for information