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Sed Rahimi, LAC/ND/Master Iridology
Natural Therapy and Iridology Clinic
7089 Yonge St. #204
Thornhill,  ON L3T2A7 Canada
S. Rahimi Doctor of Naturalpath, Iridologist, RMT, Medical Acupuncturist & Women Health from McMaster University.

Member of the following organizations:

Mc Master University Medical Acupuncture
Mc Master University Integrative Health Strategies of Women Health
ANMCA Board (American Naturopathic medical certification & Accreditation Board)
ANMA (American Naturopathic Medical Association)
ICI (International College of Iridology)
CCAA (Canadian Contemporary Acupuncture Association)
CSCMA (Canadian Society of Chinese medicine & Acupuncture)
AAM (American Alternative Medical)
RMTAO (Register Massage Therapy Association of Ontario)
Co-operator with diffrent Labs ( Integrative and Functional Medicine


Naturalpath Doctor
Master of Iridology
Medical Acupuncturist & Pain management (McMaster University)
Cosmatic Acupuncturist
Management of Women's Health (McMaster University)
Children's Health
Business Hours: 11AM-7PM (Mo-Thu) + 9AM-4PM (Sat)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: By arrangement